Hurricane Kayaks Skimmer 120 Propel

Hurricane Kayaks Skimmer 120 Propel

Hurricane Kayaks Skimmer 120 Propel

NEW Hurricane Kayaks Skimmer 120 Propel – The industry’s first lightweight pedal drive kayak has arrived

After 9 successful years on the water, the Propel Pedal Drive system has landed in a beautiful, lightweight Hurricane Skimmer 120 design. While heavy polyethylene barges often require a trailer for transport, 59 lb Hurricane Kayaks Skimmer 120 Propel can easily be moved from your car-top to the water and back again by hand. The Skimmer 120 Propel isn’t just a pleasure to car-top though; it delivers as a recreational hands-free cruising kayak too. With a sharp entry flared bow for enhanced glide and smooth travel in choppy water, the Skimmer 120 Propel cruises with efficiency and grace. Combine that with a pedal drive system that creates unique on-water opportunities for fishing, bird watching, nature photography, and exercise, and you have a winning combination for sure. This lightweight pedaling machine also features our 1st Class frame seat with sliding adjustment for comfortable, proper on-water ergonomics and a port side steering mechanism that handles easily via finger-tip control. Enlighten yourself by experiencing a Hurricane.


Scuppers: 1 5/8-inch scuppers drain footwell & rear wells

Hatches, 10″ bow hinge hatch & 5 1/2″ day hatch behind seat

Rear Well Bungee: Deck storage for dry bag & gear

Paddle Holder: Secures paddle to deck

Outfitting: 1st Class Frame Seat :  Adjust leg length for Propel by sliding seat in track

Molded Grab Handles on Bow, Stern and Sides: Comfortable grip when carrying kayak during portage

Stern Drain Plug: Simple hull drainage


Length: 12′ / 79 m
Beam: 31″ / 79 cm
Fully Rigged Weight**: 55 lbs / 25 kg
Capacity:  350 lbs. / 158.8 kg


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