Angler Classic Fishing Paddle


Bending Branches Angler Classic Fishing Kayak Paddle

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Angler Classic Snap Fishing Kayak Paddle

Formerly the Slice Angler.
Kayak fishing can be an addictive pastime. It sneaks up on you quietly, then completely hooks you. But getting there should be at least half the fun, and the Angler Classic is a first-class way to get there. A face-lift for the previous Slice Angler and a step-up from our entry level paddles, the Angler Classic is slightly lighter, but with classic Branches strength and style. With features like a tape measure on the shaft and a hook retrieval built right into the blade, the benefits are more than efficiency and convenience. Bringing together classic Bending Branches quality and a new look, the Angler Classic looks good in all waters. It will help you bring your A-game to your new obsession. Enjoy having the right blade color for your trip. The Sage Green blade helps you sneak up on the fish, while the Autumn Orange blade is a bright option for any waters.

The Plus Ferrule System- Option-

The PLUS ferrule provides the more flexibility for a wide variety of paddling positions and styles. When water conditions change, the PLUS ferrule allows for a seamless transition between high-angle and low-angle paddling, or adjusting the feathering angle to reduce wind resistance. Kayak anglers find the PLUS ferrule extremely useful for accommodating to wider fishing kayaks and adjusting to better fit elevated seating positions. The adjustability also allows for easy use between kayaks and the ability to share your paddle with others.


Type: Fishing

Sport: Kayak

Skill Level: Intermediate

Ferrule: 2 Piece Snap-Button Or Plus Ferrule System