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Bending Branches Angler Pro

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Angler Pro Fishing Kayak Paddle

The 2013 and 2014 Kayak Fishing Paddle of the Year

Kayak fishing pros don’t just focus on lures and lines. They focus on their paddle. They want light weight, so paddling doesn’t sap their energy. They demand strength from tip to tip. And they expect performance that matches their rigs. The Angler Pro is that kind of paddle. The Anger Pro was designed by kayak anglers, for kayak fishing. Serious gear for a serious fishing experience. This 30oz gem from Bending Branches, with its T-700 Carbon shaft and Multi-Laminate Fiberglass blades, makes us all look like pros.

The Plus Ferrule System- Option-

The PLUS ferrule provides the more flexibility for a wide variety of paddling positions and styles. When water conditions change, the PLUS ferrule allows for a seamless transition between high-angle and low-angle paddling, or adjusting the feathering angle to reduce wind resistance. Kayak anglers find the PLUS ferrule extremely useful for accommodating to wider fishing kayaks and adjusting to better fit elevated seating positions. The adjustability also allows for easy use between kayaks and the ability to share your paddle with others.

Type: Fishing

Sport: Kayak

Skill Level: Expert

Ferrule: 2 Piece Snap-Button