Rental Kayaks and Paddleboards Available

Rental Kayaks – Paddleboards Osprey Bay Outdoors Clearwater Florida.

  Here at Osprey Bay Outdoors we offer a wide selection of kayaks and paddleboards to choose from for rentals and demo.  The following charts show the models that we have and the rental categories that they fit into.   Rental Rates

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Caribbean 12 Skimmer 128 Skimmer 116FS Trident 11 Trident 13 Venus 11 Caper Slayer 10 Caribbean 14 Malibu Two XL Fathom Journey Equinox Denali Sandpiper Santee 120 frame seat Santee 126 Loon 126 Sorrento 126


Image of graph of categories of Kayaks and SUP's Including Premium Single, Premium Double, Fishing or Thermoform, Paddleboards, and Performance pedal Touring and fishing kayaks. With the models that fit those categories.

Tetra 10 Caper Venus Tetra 12 Prowler 13 Manta Ray 12 Manta Ray 14 Manitou 13 Marvel 120 Dirigo 120 Malibu Two XL Dirigo XT Tandem Marvel 14.5 Trident 11 Angler Slayer 12 Predator MX Predator 13 Trident 13 Caribbean 12 Skimmer 128 Caribbean 14 Santee 120 Sport Sandpiper Santee 126 Sport Manitou 14 Sojourn 135 Sojourn 146 Ultimate FX 12 Bic Wing 11 Bic Wing 12 Bic Ace-tec 11'6" Cross Fit 10 C135 Stratofisher Slayer Propel 13 Fathom Journey Denali Equinox Looksha T Ultimate FX 15 Tandem

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