11'6" Ace Tec SUP

The 11’6″ ACE-TEC SUP is an ideal all-around SUP for novice riders up to 260lbs


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11’6″ ACE-TEC Original


11’6’’ ACE-TEC zone for more advanced paddlers up to 300lbs. Its substantial volume and width offer excellent lateral stability without compromising performance. Volume is evenly spread throughout the board and its finely balanced rocker and longboard-style outline make it easy to handle in flatwater conditions without reducing agility in the surf zone. The 11’6’’ is also a great choice for families looking to bring along the kids or pets.
New ERGO-GRIP carry handle = Easier Transport + Less Fatigue!

ACE-TEC Originals are, as the name suggests, the original ACE-TEC graphics and shapes with the vintage look, surf-inspired longboard outlines, confidence-inspiring stability, moderate rocker for versatility and rugged ACE-TEC construction. A new softer family and fitness-friendly deck pad is ideal for recreational use. All the benefits of ACE-TEC at a terrific value.

Data specs

Length: 11’6″ / 350 cm
Width: 32.5″ / 82 cm
Weight: 30 Lbs / 13.5 Kg
Volume: 215 L
Fin Set-UP: Thruster
Fin Supplied: Dolphin 10”