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Homosassa River Paddle Trip March 2021

The wind was a bit brisk, but it turned out to be a beautiful day on the water.  The sun was warm, and the sky was blue.  Just a bit of extra effort in on section from the wind in our face but it made for an easy ride on the way back.  The monkeys on “Monkey Island” were highly active today swinging on their ropes and walking around their island. One came a little too close to one of the paddlers as she got blown too close to the island and had to do some fast back paddling.  There were many manatees spread around the river, some moving up or down the river. But most were milling around near the head spring.  Lunch at the Margarita Grill was fun we even got a show of patriotism with a song and flag waving.  The owner came out and spoke with some of the group and was very nice. Thanks to everyone who came out paddling with us on the Homosassa River Paddle Trip March 2021.  See you next time.