Outdoor Essentials Survival Kit

Outdoor Essentials Survival Kit


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Outdoor Essentials Survival Kit


A safety kit for outdoor emergency preparedness.


  • Kit is compact and easy to transport
  • Includes the essential items you should carry with you on any outdoor adventure
  • Fox 40 Xplorer LED Light has an ABS plastic body with 3 LED lights; Each LED light can reach up to 13000MCD; Push button to change modes 4 modes On / 50% On / SOS Mode (flashing) / Off
  • Whistle is efficient and easy to blow
  • Signaling Mirror is labeled with instructions for use
  • Fire Starter is a compact fire starter with steel magnesium rod and metal striker; rod and striker are attached by a metal chain keeping product secure together; works in all conditions
  • Compass has magnifying glass and map measurements
  • 550 Paracord is light and strong; strength of 550 pounds; mildew and rot resistant
  • Emergency blanket is gold on the outside and silver on the inside; the silver side can be used as a signaling device; reflects body heat back to body; wind and waterproof
  • Contents of the safety kit fit into waterproof bag

Kit Includes:

  • Fox 40 Xplorer LED Light with Strap and Carabiner
  • Fox 40 MicroPealess Safety Whistle (110 dB)
  • Signaling Mirror
  • Fire Starter
  • Compass
  • 550 Paracord
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Waterproof Bag


Fox 40 Outdoor Marine

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