Sit-On-Top Aero Rack Pad

Sit-On-Top Aero Rack Pad


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Roof Rack Pads


Sit-on-top Rack Pads

Designed to "sit-on-top" of the wide, flat crossbars. Made with Endura Solution dyed polyester fabric on exposed areas. Fits aero bars only.

Endura Solution Dyed Polyester
color is dyed in the polymers of the fibers before weaving, making the fade resistance far superior to piece dyed fabrics. Should last 2-4years.

Aero Size For the wide flat crossbars that commonly are installed on SUV’s, vans and trucks. Typical Aerodynamic Crossbar 2.75"x .75"


Osprey Bay Outdoors Accessories

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Black, Red


30 Inch