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Used Skimmer 116 with 1st Class Seat

Hurricane Skimmer 116 1st Class Seat Used

Used Hurricane Skimmer 116 First Class Seat        

Length: 11′ 6”
Width: 30.5″
Weight: 43 pounds
Capacity: 300

This Used Skimmer 116 with 1st Class, is almost like. 

The Skimmer 116 with 1st Class Seat is a lightweight thermoformed kayak.  With attractive shinny finish stiffer, lighter more efficient material than cheap polyethylene.  This kayak come with a frame seat that sits up of the bottom of the kayak and gives a more comfortable dryer ride.

It also features a 10-inch bow hinge hatch for easy access to the hull for storing items like a dry bag or fishing rod. At 37 lbs with the seat removed, this is the lightest Skimmer in the lineup.

Includes Stolquist PFD.

$1200. Cash

This Kayak is used in very good condition. It’s on Consignment at Osprey Bay Outdoors
See it in person at
160 N. Belcher Rd, Clearwater Fl.
Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

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